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Reviewing the New Gutenberg Plugin Video

So WordPress are releasing a new Plugin that should come standard with all future releases of WordPress. The new Gutenberg block builder, in this video with no previous experience or exposure to the plugin we try and figure it out. Overall we are very happy with it. Overall we think this is a good direction. […]

Conditional Routing Notifications – Gravity forms

This video will take you through the steps to setup conditional routing notifications. Great for contact forms on websites where you have various different offices or department and you want your mails to get to the right person. Please subscribe to our Youtube Channel to receive more free video’s Subscribe to our Youtube Channel Also […]

Create your first form with gravity forms.

This instructional video will take you through the process of creating your first form with Gravity Forms. We will create a simple newsletter subscribe form that you can use in WordPress. Gravity forms is one of the best Form plugins that can be used with WordPress, we suggest it to all our clients. Please subscribe […]

We recommend Gravity Forms for WordPress

We suggest using Gravity Forms to handle all your forms on WordPress. It is a premium plugin that will save you so much time and avoid losing mails that come through from your WordPress site. Watch the video below and it will take you through the best features of Gravity Forms.   Go […]

Install and Setup iThemes Security Free Plugin

This video will take you through the process of protecting your WordPress website, using iThemes security plugin. This is one of the plugins we suggest to protect your WordPress website we use it for most of our maintenance clients.     This continues our how to series… Solid Security – Password, Two Factor Authentication, and […]

Secure the wp-admin with .htaccess file

This post forms part of the video on securing the wp-admin folder on our WPZA Youtube channel.   The code below is to be copied into a .htaccess file and then uploaded to the wp-admin folder on your server. 123456789101112# Apache 2.4 <IfModule mod_authz_core.c> Require all denied Require ip </IfModule> # Apache 2.2 <IfModule […]

Setting up a backups schedule – WordPress Maintenance Video

The importance of having an effective backup schedule should never be overlooked for WordPress. This video will take you through setting up your first backup plugin and then scheduling your first backup schedule.

Selecting Plugins – Video – How To …

How To video on selecting plugins for WordPress. This video covers selecting from WordPress Admin, Github, searching the internet for help and directly from premium plugin providers. Go To our You Tube Channel    

Disable Comments – Video – Best Practices

Best practices video on hiding the WordPress Admin Area. It is a good idea to hide the “wp-admin” and the “wp-login.php” area of a WordPress site here is a video with simple instructions on how to do this. Go To our You Tube Channel    

Hide Admin Area – Video – Best Practices

Best practices video on hiding the WordPress Admin Area. It is a good idea to hide the “wp-admin” and the “wp-login.php” area of a WordPress site here is a video with simple instructions on how to do this. Go To our You Tube Channel    

User Groups and Passwords – Video – Best Practices

  Above is our best practices for User Groups and Passwords on WordPress. Try only have one Administrator account all other accounts should be either editors, authors. Also make sure all the accounts use complex passwords. Go To our You Tube Channel    


Things just got more challenging for this remote worker. You see life with 3 children and their activities, homework and all the usual domestic duties and work wasn’t enough for me – I have gone and had another little one. Today she is 10 days old and I forgot how challenging and demanding those first […]

Choose a Secure WordPress Password.

Is your WordPress Password secure?

Do you have a Secure WordPress Password?     Having a secure WordPress password is the first step in securing your WordPress site. Some of us, me included fall into the trap of either choosing a very easy password to remember, or we still use the same password we used 20 years ago. Or, maybe […]


….not too long ago, a new business owner excitedly made her very own WordPress Website. She wanted to keep within a budget, so decided to do a little research and tackle this on her own. All went well, her site looked fabulous, and she even managed to get her basic SEO up to scratch. She […]

Avoid Using admin as your WordPress Username

Choosing the correct user name for WordPress

Avoid using admin or administrator as your sites user name. When you install WordPress the default user name is admin, this is something you should try to avoid. Most hackers try access your site via wp-admin or the wp-login.php page, and they know that the most common username out there is admin. They try a […]

WORDPRESS STAGING- off the stage

When we say WordPress staging it has nothing to do with methods of presenting a play or any dramatic performances – though drama is definitely what does happen if a site is not staged before it goes live. WordPress staging in this case basically refers to a staging environment for your site..a copy of your […]

Diary of a Remote Worker(3)

Remote Worker – entry 3 All is still well with this remote worker. Really well. I have a daily schedule set up and implemented. It’s all good. I have noticed though, one little thing since becoming a remote worker. It’s not anything serious, but was brought to my attention by none other than my husband […]

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Analyse This….

It can sometimes get a little overwhelming with all the tools out there that you can use freely to keep tabs on your website – to analyse, monitor and inspect. As you delve deeper you realise that you actually knew very little and you had in fact only touched the tip if the proverbial iceberg […]

WordPress Maintenance Team Work

WPZA Services Update – May

Our goal is to offer more value adds to our existing client’s as part of our standard WordPress maintenance contract. With this goal in mind we have been researching various premium plugins. Our criteria, has been backup, security, analytic, functionality and maintenance plugins.   Backups WPZA now stores multiple backups on multiple off-site locations, keeping […]

Worst case scenario of not upgrading WordPress core, plugins and themes

For the last couple of weeks all the news has been about the Panama Papers breach, even though it is unclear if it was an inside job or a direct hack. Wordfence, an industry leader in WordPress security, has identified a possible breach via an outdated WordPress plugin. Mossack Fonseca Breach – WordPress Revolution Slider […]

BootpressWP – Free Theme – New Version

We launched the new version of BootpressWP it has the very original V1.4. BootpressWP is our free Bootstrap WordPress Theme we use for all our custom developed WordPress Sites. It is available for Free on GitHub and can be modified and changed as needed. What is in this new version Added a new template file […]

Gym membership for your site

“Help! I did something wrong and now my site has vanished, like into thin air.” We have often received panic calls or skype calls from a past client, panic easily heard in their voice, declaring the above. We then have to assure them that all is not lost (unless they really managed to do the […]

WPZA the new home for Anomalous WordPress Maintenance

Today we launched the new WPZA website. The new home of Anomalous WordPress Maintenance.We have moved everything across to as this is an easier name to market and for our Maintenance clients to find and use. It has become more important for us to secure the traffic to our maintenance website, we started using […]

20 Sites!

WPZA Maintenance now has over 20 sites on our maintenance plan – Eish, that happened fast! We are working tirelessly behind the scenes on our clients sites, keeping them updated, maintained and streamlined. Jo-anne has  orchestrated an efficient and time saving schedule so nothing is left undone or unchecked – thanks Jo for being so […]

Choosing the right WordPress plugins

The lovely thing about WordPress is the amount of plugins and themes that are available to extend your website. There are tens of thousands of plugins available from and this excludes plugins available all around the net. Some plugins are developed very well, using WordPress best practices. On the other hand there is also […]

WordPress Security Best Practices

Here are a few WordPress Security best practices that you can employ to protect your WordPress website from being compromised. This can come from malicious intent or something accidental while working on your site.   Backup your site. Daily for sites that change a lot weekly for sites that don’t change often. Your hosting provider […]

Free WordPress Theme based on Bootstrap

We have made available our in-house Bootstrap WordPress starter theme called Bootpresswp.

CSS just like Fairy Dust

Customising your WordPress Theme Bring on the CSS! About a year ago I was told that I was chosen to be the “CSS QUEEN” so I naturally went with this title and made css my thing. Our relationship is a happy one – though not understood by many. We are ok with this. What I […]

WordPress Security Tips: Basic Do’s & Don’ts

These simple tips are intended to help the everyday user. Anybody that has ever had their site hacked knows that it is not fun and securing their site is so important. There are many more security measures to take, however these simple tips can get you started. Do: Backup Site Regularly Install an appropriate plug-in […]