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CSS just like Fairy Dust

Customising your WordPress Theme Bring on the CSS! About a year ago I was told that I was chosen to be the “CSS QUEEN” so I naturally went with this title and made css my thing. Our relationship is a happy one – though not understood by many. We are ok with this. What I […]

Why I Love WordPress

I have had experience from both sides of WordPress. Being first introduced to it as a site owner and then as a developer. Being given the reigns of your site to upload and change at will is thoroughly liberating and gives you a sense of accomplishment and breaks your dependence on others to help keep […]

What are the true costs of WordPress Maintenance?

WordPress is absolutely free, and for a very minimal cost you can easily get a website live for your business. With a unique domain name, some decent hosting the costs comes in at approx. R2000. Not bad to have something live very quickly. If you purchased a theme and hired a development company to install […]