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Choose a Secure WordPress Password.

Is your WordPress Password secure?

Do you have a Secure WordPress Password?     Having a secure WordPress password is the first step in securing your WordPress site. Some of us, me included fall into the trap of either choosing a very easy password to remember, or we still use the same password we used 20 years ago. Or, maybe […]

Avoid Using admin as your WordPress Username

Choosing the correct user name for WordPress

Avoid using admin or administrator as your sites user name. When you install WordPress the default user name is admin, this is something you should try to avoid. Most hackers try access your site via wp-admin or the wp-login.php page, and they know that the most common username out there is admin. They try a […]

Choosing the right WordPress plugins

The lovely thing about WordPress is the amount of plugins and themes that are available to extend your website. There are tens of thousands of plugins available from wordpress.org and this excludes plugins available all around the net. Some plugins are developed very well, using WordPress best practices. On the other hand there is also […]

WordPress Security Best Practices

Here are a few WordPress Security best practices that you can employ to protect your WordPress website from being compromised. This can come from malicious intent or something accidental while working on your site.   Backup your site. Daily for sites that change a lot weekly for sites that don’t change often. Your hosting provider […]

CSS just like Fairy Dust

Customising your WordPress Theme Bring on the CSS! About a year ago I was told that I was chosen to be the “CSS QUEEN” so I naturally went with this title and made css my thing. Our relationship is a happy one – though not understood by many. We are ok with this. What I […]

WordPress Security Tips: Basic Do’s & Don’ts

These simple tips are intended to help the everyday user. Anybody that has ever had their site hacked knows that it is not fun and securing their site is so important. There are many more security measures to take, however these simple tips can get you started. Do: Backup Site Regularly Install an appropriate plug-in […]

The white Screen of Death – WordPress

If you have been using WordPress for a few years you have encountered this at least once. It is frustrating but does not mean all is lost. Sometimes it only affects the admin panel, sometimes only parts of it. Here are a few solutions should you encounter the dreaded white screen: First make sure you […]