WordPress Security Tips: Basic Do’s & Don’ts

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These simple tips are intended to help the everyday user. Anybody that has ever had their site hacked knows that it is not fun and securing their site is so important. There are many more security measures to take, however these simple tips can get you started.


  • Backup Site Regularly

Install an appropriate plug-in to take regular backups of files and databases on your website. You do not want to risk losing your precious data on your website.

  • Upgrade Website Regularly

You should routinely upgrade WordPress core. Also upgrade non-customized themes and plug-ins installed on your website. This is so important as software is bound to have bugs which makes your website susceptible to attacks. Regular updates would ensure you get cleaner versions of the code reducing the threat of an attack on your website.

  • Set Appropriate Permissions

Set appropriate read and write permissions on the folders depending on your site requirements. Give access to folders on your website to users who can be trusted.



  • Send Update Notifications to all Users

Update notifications that are made available in the website’s dashboard should not be available to all users. While updating WordPress core, themes and plugins is essential it should be a well researched step. Unrestricted updates could mean disaster for your website – information lost and potentially site down.

  • Take Passwords Lightly

Create unique strong passwords and change them frequently, this lessens the window of being attacked by hackers. If you use the same password for a very long time, you’re giving hackers more time to try and crack it. A good idea is to use a password generator such as : passwordsgenerator.net .

  • Allow File Edits in Dashboard

Editing files in the dashboard is very dangerous – it essentially means making changes directly to your theme, which seems fine, however when it comes to updating your theme you will lose your changes. Users should not make changes to the code.


Still sound daunting?

If this still sounds a little out of your comfort zone and you would prefer to have it looked after by professionals that have many years of knowledge under their belt in doing just this, then please have a look at our maintenance plans and drop us a mail so we can assist you better.




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