About Anomalous



1. deviating from the common order, form, or rule; irregular; abnormal.
2. not fitting into a common, familiar, or expected type or pattern; unusual.


Our parent company, Anomalous, is owned and run by Donovan & Jo-anne Maidens. The Anomalous team, combined, has years of extensive knowledge and experience and are proficient in JavaScript, PHP and WordPress. Our services are not limited to this but also extend to basic SEO, online presence, content management and WordPress maintenance.

The team strives to keep up to date with new technology, software and coding practices – because, to be behind in ever occurring advancements is to be left behind in the field.

Our Team is comprised of 4 highly adept individuals bringing various skills, each choosing a divergent path so as to offer more expertise. These skill sets enable the Team to offer a more customised, InHouse service offering to our clients and affords us a degree of dexterity.

Meet the Team:

donovan maidens wpza
Donovan Maidens
jo-anne maidens wpza
Jo-anne Maidens
marilyn parkin wpza
Marilyn Parkin
carolyn groenewald wpza
Carolyn Groenewald