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It can sometimes get a little overwhelming with all the tools out there that you can use freely to keep tabs on your website – to analyse, monitor and inspect. As you delve deeper you realise that you actually knew very little and you had in fact only touched the tip if the proverbial iceberg when it comes to all mentioned. I discovered this when going through my Google analytics courses and examinations. Oh Boy !– It was during these courses that I discovered I knew very little and that this was an entirely new niche in the market that deserves a job title all on its own. Keeping on track and up to date takes daily reading and searching and fiddling.

Straggling behind but picking up speed enters the maintenance branch of our boutique agency. Because we hunger to learn more and offer more to our clients we decided to offer (those that choose to convert their websites into WordPress sites and therefore have more control and gain some independence from their developers down the line) a service that keeps their sites healthy and strong with minimal, if any, downtime…because down time means the death of traffic and in many cases sales. Clients soon realise that once their site has been handed over maintenance on it is vital. Due to ever changing and upgrading your site has to keep up or become slow and insignificant. There are so many whizzes out there working behind the scenes trying to improve and make better on a product being used – keeping up with their improvements is pretty important. Just like your body and health, regular upkeep should be habitual.

We are huge WordPress fans and many clients have discovered the wonders of it as well. By converting sites into a WordPress frame it allows clients, after a little back end adventures and mishaps, that they can take control of their websites and are in the driving seat of site content changes, image uploads and direction changes. They no longer need to call on the developer and keep paying large amounts of money to have changes made but instead can do it themselves. This is hugely liberating for many clients. But, what some clients forget is that with everything, maintaining it must also be added to the mix.

In walks WPZA and our little team of “sweepers & cleaners” for their site.

If you are the proud owner of a WordPress site that you habitually keep fresh and up to date with content and images – well done, keep it up! But how often do you go into the very back end and check on updates and theme changes? If your answer is “not very often”, or “say, what?” then sit a minute and think about obtaining a regular maintenance contract for your sites benefit…and ultimately yours, because there is nothing more daunting than something crashing or not functioning correctly due to irregular updates, security checks or maintenance.

Give our site a quick look through and contact us if you think you need us.

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