Diary of a Remote Worker(3)

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Remote Worker – entry 3

All is still well with this remote worker. Really well. I have a daily schedule set up and implemented. It’s all good. I have noticed though, one little thing since becoming a remote worker. It’s not anything serious, but was brought to my attention by none other than my husband and daughter just the other day.

I have become a recluse apparently, preferring to stay at home to leaving the house. I have gotten myself into such a comfortable little scheduled groove, that any deviation from it causes anxiety in my structured stay-at-home working environment. I know I have to leave home at whatever time to collect offspring from school and the such, but any deviation or anything that makes a break with the norm, causes much discomfort in my world.

My routine is down to a very comfortable order, an order that keeps my world orbiting at a very comfortable and orderly speed – as it should. Why would anyone want to change this?

Wednesday remains my usual away from home and in the office with real people outings. Is this not enough exposure to the real world? Does one really need more?

Chit-chat, apparently I have lost the art of it – did I even have it before? Apparently I did, well, it’s gone now they say. Do I miss it? No! Didn’t even know I had it so can’t really miss what I didn’t even know I had. Though I must admit, where previously it would not have bothered me, now, the thought of sitting next to someone I do not know and being expected to actually converse with them fills me with dread. I have no idea how to break the ice anymore.

On the other side of the socially awkward coin is the verbal Diarrhea. I sometimes find myself talking about anything that pops into my head and more often than not staring back into the eyes of someone that looks just a little afraid and confused. I think most times they look just a little tempted to run but being polite ,remain, in the hope it stops soon and their ordeal ends. I have encountered quite a few of these situations, so maybe, just maybe, my husband and daughter are on to something.

To combat this new social awkwardness I have implemented the “checking in” schedule. It’s via whatsapp, no actual one-on-one…this would be too hasty, baby steps first. I, with regularity, inquire as to a persons well being, a person I may only see in person once in a while but whom I feel needs regular contact with me as to let them know I am still very much alive and well and thinking of them. I even go so far as to inviting them over HERE for a coffee and catch up. It is working well and I have many whatsapp friends, friends that do not ask me to go anywhere – they are relationships that are mutually beneficial and respectful of my newly acquired social awkwardness.

Being a Remote Worker, though not escaping a few snags, is by far the most agreeable of decisions that was taken by me and on my behalf. I could not fathom doing it any differently as it affords me more concentrated work time instead of driving to and from an office and allows me the freedom to absorb any of life’s dramas or circumstances when they place themselves at my feet.

Today’s technology caters to this new working trend and allows a remote worker to keep in contact with other co workers. As long as you have WiFi capabilities there is no need to miss out on any work tasks or communications. I have found slack to be my work friend and fellow co worker while at the home office, keeping myself and my fellow geographically challenged co workers on track with work tasks and even a little gossip when it pops up.

If you search the web you will find so much out there to assist remote workers who want to make their remote office productive and for it to remain permanent without scrimping on productivity, communication and quality. For instance, here are just a few suggested tools that one can utilize : Asana, Glip, Quip and Dropbox. There just isn’t any excuse to not be able to work remotely if your system is set up and you are able to self delegate and hold yourself accountable.

This Remote Worker is getting behind with her schedule so had better end off here.

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