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Our goal is to offer more value adds to our existing client’s as part of our standard WordPress maintenance contract. With this goal in mind we have been researching various premium plugins. Our criteria, has been backup, security, analytic, functionality and maintenance plugins.



WPZA now stores multiple backups on multiple off-site locations, keeping the last 10 weekly backups off site automatically. These backups are scheduled for Sunday traditionally the day with the lowest traffic. Our backup locations are based in South Africa.


Installing, moving or cloning WordPress

We have invested in a premium plugin that can easily install WordPress using our recommended best practices for every new site. We can also clone or move an existing site with minimal effort. So if you need to change hosting providers we can help with the transition.


WordPress and Database optimization

This is scheduled once a week, and will run after weekly backups. This we used to do once a month, but now offer it every week. Optimization removes stale or orphaned entries in the WordPress Database improving overall performance.


Staging (Available Soon)

We are close to release our new staging service. This will enable us to stage your current site, implement any changes you require; check if a plugin works or theme has issues. Then when you are completely happy and the site works these changes will be rolled our to your production server. This service is especially important for E-commerce sites, as there are so many things that can go wrong that staging is imperative.



For the past few months we have been reviewing the service offered by CloudFlare. CloudFlare improves sites security and performance, it also offers a flexible SSL certificate so your clients can be assured that communication from your website is secure. Their entry level package is free and all we charge is a once off setup fee, but if you are looking for more improved security and performance services from CloudFlare like firewall and Denial of service protection we can set this up for you also.





There are a few more additional services we offer integrating into Google Web Tools, broken link checks, managing users, managing posts, implementing custom code solutions and other great tools.


Some new Value Add Services we offer:


  • If you require daily backups, we are able to schedule these for you. Prices start from R1 a day depending on backup size and retentions.
  • Specialized WordPress Hosting, we have dedicated servers based in South Africa for WPZA clients from R1500 for a year. Please contact us to find out more.
  • CloudFlare Free Tier Once Off Setup R350


Please contact us if you have any questions.

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