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Things just got more challenging for this remote worker. You see life with 3 children and their activities, homework and all the usual domestic duties and work wasn’t enough for me – I have gone and had another little one. Today she is 10 days old and I forgot how challenging and demanding those first few weeks are with a newborn.
My other children 16(step son), 13 and 10 have all welcomed her lovingly – though the crying at nappy change and feeding times does freak them out somewhat.
I was all gung-ho about getting back into the swing of things straight away – baby would just beautifully slip into my schedule and life would go on – me at my pc and baby sleeping, angelically at my side. This morning I experienced my first stab at extreme multitasking by answering my emails that had been building up whilst I was in the hospital , whilst simultaneously breastfeeding the little one. It can be done, with a little practice, and I managed to answer my emails and even log onto a site and accomplish a small task for a very dear and loyal client.
I am not embarrassed to admit (thankfully it’s school holidays) that I only manage to get around to showering and getting dressed by midday – how I am going to get myself sorted for public viewing come back to school is another days worry, for now the fact I am at my pc by 8:30am is enough to allow me a pat on the back.
As I sit here writing this post I have one foot giving the pram a little jiggle, soothing a slightly fussy baby and trying to keep her sleeping just that little bit longer so mommy can complete her task. So far so good.

Life, they say, is all about new experiences and challenges. You must never allow it to stagnate – become old or too predictable. No chance of that happening in this household. There is no predictability over here.

Even though with a new member added to our lives and with it many new challenges I can’t say I have any regrets – just new opportunities to prove how resilient, ready for action and capable I can be.

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