WordPress Updates – 6 essential steps

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It is pretty important that you start the process during off peak times when internet traffic is low (usually in the evening) should something go wrong and you hit panic stations.

1. Back your site up
This is important in that you have an action plan should something go wrong instead of freaking out and uttering colourful words. Back everything up like your sites database, themes and plugins.

2. Turn Caching off
Deactivate this so it does not interfere with the updating process. This includes total, super and quick cachet.

3. Update plugins & Theme
Update these before upgrading your WordPress. You will often get a heads up on plugins needing updates. Do them one by one.

4. Next – update WordPress
Do not panic if you get a little blank section on the dashboard while this is underway – it will not last long.

5. Reactivate Caching
Reactivate and clear out or purge the cachet.

6. Site wide check
Take time to visit every page, click on every link and make sure all is working as it should be. By updating plugins one at a time you will have a better chance of catching anything going wrong that can easily be undone.

Your site is now refreshed, updated and ready to go.


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